The Art of Combat Workshop

I just finished the Art of Combat Workshop. For those not familiar with the workshop, for 7 days, working from 9am-10pm, I've been in intense consultation, study and co-operation with the finest minds for Stage Combat in this country and abroad. I'll post some of the awesome pictures soon!

Short Resume of Film and Theatrical Experience


  Wishbone    Supporting   Director David Letch

  Tangled Paths   Fighting Henchman  Director  Matt Oxley



Intermediate Passed!

Just one of the fantastic fights for Intermediate.

So recently, I finished my intermediate qualifications for Stage Combat! so you're now looking at a super competant fighter and stage combat practitioner! I am now competant with Rapier & auxiliaries (cloak, dagger, gauntlet etc.), German longsword, Eastern Staff, Combat knife & middle size sword and ridgid weapons!

The Boy is Back in Town

So glad to be back in town!
After a week of working with some of the most amazingly talented kids in the Southern Highlands, I'm back in Sydney.
Tonight is A Midsummer Night's Dream! Can't wait to tread the boards (Or Rotunda in this case) again!

Paddy Crean 2014


They say the road to the Paddy is long and hard and full of obstacles. This has certainly been true of our intrepid performer.

Our hero faced trials and tribulations working throughout the year, turning down friends, work, studies to get to this fabled nirvana of stage combat. The latest, last and almost insurmountable of these challenges occurred yesterday, when he found his passport had expired. 

6 years ago.

Such Fail.

And there was much lamenting and cursing in the Valley of the Kangaroo that night.