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The Paddy Crean Workshop

Oh man, I've just gotten back from the biggest adventure of my career thus far!

The Paddy Crean Workshop goes back to Patrick "Paddy" Crean, a British actor and theatrical fight director who was one of the most influential figures in the art of modern stage combat. It brings together some of the most influential, enthusiastic, and talented stage combattants, choreographers, stunt workers and actors around the world to come together and share their work and training.

I it nothing short of one big family.

Over the course of the workshop I worked with John 'Doc' Lennox, Casey Kaleba, Spencer Humm, Emily and Hunter, Jared Kirby and Kevin McKurdy, Thomas Potter, JP Fornier, Jeff Thomas and Kristopher Jorgensen. All of whome helped my improve my craft and expand my veiw of the buisness.

I can't thank them enough for their imput, instruction and teaching.